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8 years experience professionally making things.

I graduated with a degree in Illustration with Animation from Manchester School of Art and worked as a projectionist for several years. When the robots took over I found myself with a career cutting and sticking. I'll not bore you with the familiar career path.

Working in collaboration with clients to develop their initial ideas into a concept, taking this concept through from design, to build and install. I like making detailed and beautifully finished pieces that put a smile on the faces of those that encounter them.

Things that create interaction either with their surroundings or the people who come into contact with them. Objects that have and tell story.

© Lottie Smith - Photographer: Madeline
© Lottie Smith - Photographer: Madeline

I work largely (or smallely) with cardboard and paper so once a commission has served its purpose it can be thrown in the recycling and not thrown in a skip. That's been important to me since I started.

I design and produce sculptures, sets and props for a variety of events and clients. From shop windows, trade show stands, museum exhibits, festivals, music videos and photos shoots. More recently I took on the challenge of 4 minutes of stop motion for a music video (soon soon I can share!) and worked as Production Designer on an advertisement for Roald Dahl's Marvellous Charity filmed at NFTS.

parp pa pa paarrrp (that's me blowing my own tiny trumpet)
does making it 3rd person read better / sound more professional? Lets try. 



Lottie's work is perfectly suited to transient design needs in todays more ecological conscious world. We all know we should be being less wasteful but that doesn't mean not doing things, making things or selling things, it's about thinking about the how.

Her work gives an environmentally friendly yet beautifully finished alternative to the material waste and environmental cost that is so common in the industry in which she works.
Big visual impact, low eco guilt.

Hire her, you'll get a good deal with some I've-been-better-to-planet-earth feels.

I've also heard she makes a most excellent brew. (she might even bring the tea bags, although that may be because she doesn't trust you to have Yorkshire)

 convinced you? get in touch -> here

© Lottie Smith - Photographer: Madeline
© Lottie Smith


Here follows a by no means exhaustive list of things I like, or she likes, gah! no one reads this far anyway:

trees, the burbley trickly sound of a large stream/small river, books, the moon, fat rain, silence, old machinery and packaging, the sound of snow under tires, automata, drawing, walking, sunshine, adventures, YOU! (if yer nice) oh and cats, always cats.

Small house, dacha, cardboard sculpture

Fly Girl Films

"Lottie isn’t only an incredible artist with endless wonderful ideas, she’s also a lovely person to work with, constantly going out of her way to ensure her work is perfection (which it always is). I’ve gone to her time and time again as her work always adds a touch of magic to our film projects"
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