Seven Stories | Polar Express

Event Set Design | Prop Making

A 15 metre long steam train installed in the attic of Seven Stories the National Centre for Children's Books in Newcastle.

The train was used as the set for their Christmas story telling event which revolved around the much loved Anderson Press classic, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The train windows were back lit and the funnel had a hidden smoke machine inside triggered by the storytellers running the event both adding to the festive atmosphere and adding a little extra magic.

The second carriage had a removable door for the visitors to enter inside the carriage for hot chocolate and nougat while they continued to hear the story be told.

I also designed a small activity delivered at the end of the event by the museum staff so the children left with their own sleigh bell decoration for their tree at home.

Unfortunately the museum couldn't use images of the train to promote the event much before it began. The event was held in the 7th floor attic space so had to be built insitu over the course of a few days right before launch so as to not to take one of the more heavily used and loved space in the museum out of action for an extended period. 

To counteract this a little I made some smaller pieces from the story as teasers which could be used across the museums platforms to generate interest and promote the booking of event tickets.

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