FlyGirlFilms | Polaroid Land Camera

Concept | Prop Making

I was commissioned by Katie of FlyGirlFilms to produce 'something' as an alternative to your standard photobooth wedding props.


What better thing for a camera lady than a really big camera. Thanks for the delightfully open brief and complete faith in me Katie!

Katie and Rikki's name replaced the Land Camera text using the same font style so as to visually reference the original iconic design, the year of the wedding 2019 replaced the 1000 detail on the fascia and the date of the wedding was included as though hand written on the partially ejected photo that was used to frame the wedding guests at the reception.

In what ended up a bit of a hidden detail, the photo counter on the rear of the camera was set to 2. The age of their son Luca at the time of the wedding, along with the details of the flash attachment on top, they were hard to spot but are the bits I enjoy including regardless.

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Cardboard XXL Polaroid Land Camera

Wedding Photo Prop