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Working as a member of Cardboardia on all their UK projects since volunteering with them on their first visit over here to Handmade Parade. At the time I had a will to build big but with little experience meaning it was hard to convince people to trust me to do it. Noticing the company was coming to the UK it was an opportunity I didn't want to miss,

the first time I had access to giant sheets of unblemished cardboard, the first time I made something wearable (I was not a theatre, performance kid at all, still not, but I love making things for the folks that are)

Long story short I actually remember the moment where I felt, yup I found my people. It was propbalu about 24 hours in. 

Big leaps, strange connections and a whole heap of laughing. 10/10 would recommend. 

Anyway since then I've worked on countless projects with them and long may it continue. I may have even been bullied into enjoying a parade. Discovered all I need is a costume that almost completely encloses my face. 

So enter Official Goose of Cardboardia a title bestowed by Tyran and a title I take very seriously.

If you like the crazy you see I unfortunately can't provide it alone. However if your interested in a large project like this please get in touch. I have inroads with the countries top brass and can help the team get assembled. The company has a lot of experience working with organisations across the UK and have a crazy big back catalogue of successful events of many different sizes all across europe so can help with funding applications to make a project happen.

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